Sour Cherry Jam Glass Jar 360g

The sour cherry jam which is an essential taste of cakes and sweets just as breakfasts is loved by everyone. Taste it with its unique taste!

Energy and Nutritive Values (100g)
Enerji /Calories /Brennwert 288 kcal / 1204 kj
Yağ /Total Fat/Fett 0,0 g
Doymuş yağ/Saturated Fat/Fettsäuren 0,0 g
Trans yağ /Trans Fat/ Trans-Fettsäuren 0,0 g
Karbonhidrat/Total Carbohydrates/Kohlenhydrat 71,9 g
Şeker/Sugar/Zucker 71,0 g
Protein/Protein/Eiweiß 0,4 g
Tuz/Salt/Salz 0,0 g
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