Rose Jam Glass Jar 360g

Rose which is the symbol of love and beauty is also a flower whose leaves can be eaten. Rose has a very strong antioxidant ingredient. Therefore, the rose jam is helpful for Stomach and intestine problems, and liver problems as well. The rose jam, at the same time, helps purification of blood.

Energy and Nutritive Values (100g)
Enerji /Calories /Brennwert 286 kcal / 1196 kj
Yağ /Total Fat/Fett 0,0 g
Doymuş yağ/Saturated Fat/Fettsäuren 0,0 g
Trans yağ /Trans Fat/ Trans-Fettsäuren 0,0 g
Karbonhidrat/Total Carbohydrates/Kohlenhydrat 71,5 g
Şeker/Sugar/Zucker 71,0 g
Protein/Protein/Eiweiß 0,3 g
Tuz/Salt/Salz 0,0 g
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