Tahini 480g

Tahini, which is made by grinding natural seeds of sesame also protects your heart and balances the cholesterol with the omega-3 fat acids that it has. By virtue of such elements as zinc, selenium, and iron it also strengthens the immunity. With its rich calcium content, it is especially effective in the development of bones of children. Tahini is also helpful for the memory and the skin. So, it is especially indispensable for tables of health.

Energy and Nutritive Values (100g)
Enerji /Calories /Brennwert   668 kcal / 2797 kj
Yağ /Total Fat/Fett   55,4 g
Doymuş yağ/Saturated Fat/Fettsäuren   10,5 g
Trans yağ /Trans Fat/ Trans-Fettsäuren   0,3 g
Karbonhidrat/Total Carbohydrates/Kohlenhydrat   10,2 g
Şeker/Sugar/Zucker   0,0 g
Protein/Protein/Eiweiß   22,3 g
Tuz/Salt/Salz   0,3 g
Niasin/Niacin   3,1 mg
Demir/Iron   4,2 mg
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